Luna Skin Serum Scam Or Fake? – DO NOT USE – WARNING HERE!!

Luna Skin Serum Scam Or Fake? – DO NOT USE – WARNING HERE!!
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Luna Skin Serum Review- An Effective Skin Health Provider!

Here it is! Luna Skin Serum is an effective skin promoter product. It reduces the breakage of the lashes and improves their strength, length and quality. This product helps us gain perfectly beautiful eyes. To know how, read below.


If we talk about the ingredients, there is no clear mention on the website about what this serum consists of. After deep research and consultation with various eye experts, I have only been able to figure out that this product is 100% organic which means its composition is mostly natural. The serum contains no fillers or chemicals. However, the product certainly has peptides, natural oils and detoxifiers.

How does it work?

The nutrients in this serum seep right through the roots of the lashes and makes then unbreakable and strong. It increases their growth and stop their untimely fall by developing a protective shield around them. The cream contains healthy components which provide perfect shine to the lashes.


  • Controls untimely breakage of lashes
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Makes skines lustrous
  • Enhances the natural beauty of the eyes


Today I have long and fuller lashes and it became possible only because I have been making the use of this cream daily. It has rejuvenated the area closer to my eyes and has given me freedom from crow’s feet and dark circles as well. This multi-purpose cream was suggested to me by my eye expert. I have been using it since close to a month and have gained freedom from untimely breakage of the lashes. This serum has effectively increased the growth of my lashes and has made my eyes more beautiful.


  • This serum is supposed to be used as per the instructions
  • No person should make its use without having a brief consultation about it with an eye expert
  • The cream must not be stored in hot areas, instead a dark and cool place will do the job
  • The shopping of this cream must be done from its official website only

What to do to make it work better?

The health of the skines majorly depends on our lifestyle. If we will stress less, the growth of the lashes will increase. However, the effectiveness of this serum is unbeatable and it can be kept unbeatable by quitting smoking and drinking. The cream requires hydrated area to work on hence, we should drink perfect amount of water each day. Apart from this, we must avoid unnecessary rubbing of eyes and excessive makeup as well.

Side effects

The product is rich in minerals and provides perfect health to the skines. All the ingredients which are used in its production are tested and verified at many levels. The best quality of this product is that it is free from chemicals and all kinds of fillers.

How to apply?

To make proper application of this serum, we must have makeup free skines. By ‘makeup free’, I mean that there should be no presence of mascara, ivory or any other eye makeup. In order to ensure this, we can use a wet wipe or cleansing milk to clean up the area. Now, we just have to pump some serum out on our finger and apply all over the skines gently. The serum can be applied all over the eyes as well, if aging signs are present there. After application, lashes should not be rubbed hence, the best time is evening and morning.

When to expect results?

With the natural power of this product, any person can gain perfect growth and health of the skines in just 15 days. Yes, I am in my senses and I know what I am preaching. The results from this serum begin within 10 days and if it is being used properly and as per the instructions then, the product makes the health of the lashes proper in less than 30 days. The eye experts also recommend its usage because there is no serum which is better than this product in enhancing the health of the skines.

How to buy?

This product is highly exclusive and hence, its sale is only limited to its official website. Yes, you heard that right. Luna Skin Serum can be purchased from its own website only. The product is available at various stores but, its manufacturers do not advice the customers to buy it from an unofficial and unauthentic source. The delivery of the pack, ordered by any person from the official website, will be done at the address. This product can only be purchased by adults and that too after making a registration.

Why should we use it?

The use of this serum must be made to gain healthy and lustrous lashes. It has the power of natural ingredients which provide sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins for the lashes to develop. The serum increases the beauty of our eyes and makes us gain praise for our prettiness. It is a wonderful serum which controls the breakage of the skins. It also provides them volume and makes them look fuller. The product gives natural beauty to the eyes. It also heals certain aging signs such as puffiness of the eyes, crow’s feet and dark circles hence, making us look younger, bolder and more beautiful.


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